Guest Instructors

Neenah is the director of Hareem Fitna, First place winners of the 2006 International Alan Cairo Troup Competition. Known as “Queen of Quarters and Shot Glasses” and “Dallas’ Favorite Belly Dancer,” Neenah is total entertainment and excellent in the beautiful art of Belly Dancing. She is in constant demand for her performances as a soloist. Her troupe follows a similar demanding schedule performing at various Restaurants (Cafe Istanbul, Stratos, Istanbul Grill, and Shish), parties, and show-case events in the Dallas area. With her energy and love for the dance, Neenah continues to focus on her favorite style referred to as “Vintage Style.” She was trained by the best performers she has ever known in her dance time, Angelika and Zeyna. Angelika and Zeyna, who were Star Features in Dallas during the 1980’s and 1990’s, were well-known for their stage presence, excellent interpretation of the music and unmatched dance style. Neenah, owner of the dance academy, teaches classes on Saturdays mornings and directs the troupe on Tuesday evenings. She continues to venture out performing and teaching seminars around the country and is preparing to take on more opportunities to perform internationally as a soloist and with her troupe.


Keith Colston a Tuscarora-Lumbee originally from North Carolina, currently resides in Baltimore, MD. He strives for a better future for Native People. While Cultural Director/Consultant for the Baltimore American Indian Center, her served as Director for the Soaring Eagles Dance Troupe. Over the past twenty five years, his knowledge of dance and spirituality of Native Peoples has been shared with audiences around the world including the United States of America, Canada, Mexico and Germany.