Dress Code

leotard Black, burgundy, or dark green leotards only. Short or long sleeve only.
No other leotards allowed in any class at any time.
No designs on front of leotards.
Adults may wear leotard of their choice only in adult classes.
No French cut or thong leotards allowed at any time.
tights for ballet- pink, footed or convertible foot ( no footless)
for jazz or tap- black or light suntan footed or convertible foot (no footless)
for modern- black (may be footless)
shoes for ballet- pink leather split sole (ABSOLUTELY NO SANSHAS)
for jazz- black lace up jazz oxford (no sneakers or slip ons and no tan)
for tap- black tyette for 3-8 year olds, 9-12 year olds switch to buckles, 13- adult lace up oxford (NO TAN , NO LEOS. Heels only by approval of Mr. Davis
character shoes black 1 inch heels (not straps)
Students are not allowed to wear anything with sequins or glitter at any time unless approved by Mr. Davis. No costumes should be worn to class. Hair must be secured away from face in a bun unless hair is too short to accomplish this task. A ponytail may also be acceptible depending on the class.
t-shirts white or may wear solid colored leotard
tights black (footed or convertible foot)
dance belts black or nude, must have over the age of 10
prefer Capezio t-back or Grishko
shoes for ballet- white or black canvas(split sole over the age of 10)
prefer Bloch or Capezio( NO SANSHAS)
for jazz- black lace up jazz oxford ( no slip ons or dance sneakers, no tan)
for tap- black lace up oxford (prefer Bloch)