Course Descriptions

B/T indicates a ballet/tap combination class.

*Indicates placement at discretion of School Director.

Ballet teaches strength, grace, and flexibility while increasing your balance using classical vocabulary. These classes provide an understanding of the fundamental principles of classical ballet technique which is basic to all dance forms. Pointe students must take two ballet classes per week as well. Pointe II students must take two pointe classes per week in addition to two ballet technique classes per week.  
 Jazz Dance is not a basic technique. Jazz Dance combines the techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with current forms of popular dance with emphasis on body isolations and a variety of rhythmic patterns. Jazz students must take ballet as well.  
 Modern dance introduces students to modern dance with emphasis on physiologically sound movement progressions, energy contrast, correct alignment, and coordination in both locomotor and axial sequences. Modern dance will also provide students with comprehension of concepts such as contraction and release and fall and recovery. Students will also be able to demonstrate proficiency in the use of floor, balance/off center and center and across the floor combinations.Modern students must take ballet as well. Course Descriptions
 Tap Dance is rhythmic footwork in specially equipped shoes and had its origins in the jig from Ireland and the clogging from England.It was adopted in the early Minstrel and Vaudeville by the African American and blended with a swinging rhythm to develop what we know today as American Tap Dancing. Tap classes consist of basic tap skills and standard tap terminology, with emphasis on rhythms and style.  
 Adult Stretch incorporates basic mental and physical conditioning exercises utilizing the strengths of Kniassef, Pilates, and Yoga while developing upper body and core strength.  
 Tumbling is the skill, practice, or sport of executing basic gymnastic feats such as somersaults, cartwheels, as well as front and back walkovers without the use of apparatus.